I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful — an endless prospect of magic and wonder.” – Ansel Adams

Artist Bio

Growing up in the heart of Northern Ireland, Geoff McGrath considers himself blessed to having been surrounded by the beauty of nature. His earliest memories were full of that “magic and wonder,” spoken of by Ansel Adams, as he played in the wild open fields of Co. Antrim, seeing with young eyes for the very first time, the rugged beauty of the North Antrim Coast. The visual drama and artistry of his photographs come from his deep passion to capture and convey that vision, that sense of awe he feels as he lives in this deeply inspirational place.

Today, Geoff lives in Co. Down, where he continues to be surrounded and drawn by the beauty and power of nature. This connection is something that he feels deeply and his success in conveying this vision has been recognized in numerous awards and also client commissions.

There is a development in his work, a growth in understanding his craft better which has only fueled his desire to create beautiful artwork. However, at the same time, Geoff McGrath wants his viewer to share in seeing the beauty he sees, when they discover that magic and wonder for themselves.


Geoff himself would describe his style as Fine Art / Landscape.

“I love capturing images in black & white, which I find very emotive. But we talk about 40 shades of green here in Ireland and its easy to take this for granted, so I really feel strongly that I want to convey that sense of timeless & ageless mystery in showing people Ireland in both colour & black and white. 

The rest of the world has started to see this too.  For example both the television and movie world are awakening to Ireland's potential.   “Game of Thrones,” “The Fall” and “Vikings” are being filmed here as well as movies such as Dracula Untold, Harry Potter and Braveheart.  In fact, the recently filmed "The Truth Commisioner," due for cinematic release in 2016 actually showcases some of my work." 

There truly is no country like Ireland for portraying a land of deep natural beauty steeped in history.